Where is the marine data of the Western South Atlantic Ocean?


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Promoting the sustainable and sustained management and governance of the ocean depends on knowing the processes and characteristics of this immense body of water and also that the people involved in the management, use and conservation of the Ocean have access to quality information and in an appropriate format to the demands they must respond to

In such a process, a factor to be considered is the need for public policies to support the open access to marine data, allowing scientific and transparent decision-making in ocean governance, marine spatial planning, as well as the incorporation of new solutions and technologies developed at the Universities and Research Centers.

The main goals of this workshop are to engage scientists, the public sector, and society in the need to incorporate marine data into national and international marine databases, focusing on the quality of the information to support management, innovation and decision-making.

The dialogue between scientists and managers will facilitate the flow and outreach of scientific data, supporting the implementation of scientific knowledge in decision-making for environmental conservation and sustainable use.

This workshop is a Satellite activity of the Laboratory "An accessible Ocean" of the Ocean Decade.

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Date: May 11 2022

Time: 14h00 (BRT)

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Meet the participants

Alexander Turra

Full professor at the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo and coordinator of the Brazilian UNESCO Chair for Ocean Sustainability.

Simone Pennafirme

PhD in Marine Biology from Fluminense Federal University. Manager of the Marine Life Center of the Environment Secretariat of the City of Rio de Janeiro.

Fernanda Azevedo

PhD in Zoology (Museu Nacional-UFRJ) with a postdoctoral internship at Manchester Metropolitan University. Collaborating researcher at the Porifera Biology Laboratory of the UFRJ Biology Institute and technical manager and Coordinator of the BioGeoMar Program.

Keila Elizabeth Macfadem Juarez

PhD in Animal Biology (UNB) works in the evaluation and monitoring of the SiBBr Project - Information System on Brazilian Biodiversity.