Marine Protected Areas in Brazil


Brazil has an extensive maritime area under national jurisdiction, which can reach more than ​​5.7 million km², equivalent to 67% of the country's land territory. Due to its size and biodiversity, comparable to that of the Amazon Forest, this maritime area is know as the Blue Amazon. The Blue Amazon has unquestionable importance due to its of natural resources diversity, such as marine biodiversity, its influence on the Brazilian climate and due to the many economic and cultural activities it supports.

Despite its enormous importance for the maintenance of marine biodiversity, a factor to be considered is the need for effective public policies, considering that the exploitation of resources in Blue Amazon is not always sustainable. The preservation of marine biodiversity is fundamental for the maintenance of the Blue Amazon, as it is for the Amazon Forest.

The main goals of this workshop are to engage scientists, stakeholders, the public sector, and society in the development of Blue Amazon, focusing on the sustainable guarantee of its marine biodiversity. Specific objectives include connecting scientists who research the marine habitats and the resilience of marine ecosystems in Brazil with experts on blue economy and the public sector to discuss effective public policies for a Marine Spatial Planning for Blue Amazon, focusing on the marine ecosystems vulnerabilities and how to guarantee a healthy and resilient ocean.

The webinar will present the First National Diagnosis of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services and promote the encounter of community leaders, scientists, and the public sector to discuss what we can do to achieve a healthy and resilient ocean, supporting decision-making. This Satellite Activity will discuss how to promote the reconciliation of different knowledge systems for the management and promotion of marine systems. Furthermore, the dissemination of scientific and traditional knowledge is crucial for education and developing a sustainable culture to use the marine environment. It is expected that combining these benefits will promote actions that will support marine conservation and sustainable development.


This webinar is a Satellite Activity of the Laboratory "A Health and Resilient Ocean" of the Ocean Decade.

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Date: March 11, 2022

Time: 8h30 (BRT)

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Meet the participants

Alexander Turra

Full professor at the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo and coordinator of the Brazilian UNESCO Chair for Ocean Sustainability.

Simone Pennafirme

PhD in Marine Biology from Fluminense Federal University. Manager of the Marine Life Center of the Environment Secretariat of the City of Rio de Janeiro.

Cristiana Simão Seixas

Researcher at the  professor at the Center for Environmental Studies and Research (NEPAM) from the State University of Campinas.

Márcia Regina Correa Santos

President for 12 year of the Associação de Caranguejeiros e Amigos do Mangue de Magé (Acamm), lives in Suruí, at the Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro.

Rafael Magris

Environmental analyst at the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation of the Ministry of the Environment - ICMBio.